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Guest Post from Mack Malone of Max Electric Canvas

Good morning! I have great news. For our clients who order their photos on canvas, we have found the best supplier. Max Electric Canvas is based in Austin, Texas & we are SO PSYCHED to be able to pass along his perfectionism! 


I Create Stuff… I Can’t Help It


My name is Mack and I am a creativity addict.  There, I said it.  To those that know me, that’s not a big shocker.  Creativity is something that I can’t imagine living without and I’m very thankful for the inspiration and self-therapy that it provides daily.  I remember the first time that I created something artistic and sat back and admired it… it was a sense of wonder that here, through the piano arrangement and lyrics that I’d written over it, was a song that had not existed when I awoke that day, and I immediately wanted to create more.  I was 15, and while I had created visual pieces of art that I was proud of, this was the first time that I felt that thing that I hadn’t felt before… the need to do it again.  My favorite class in high school became art and I immersed myself in making things unique, new and different.  Whether it was songwriting, art, photography, painting, drawing or sculpting, I had to try it and approach it from a different angle… always trying to create something new, inspired by what moved me while also trying to not copy what came before me.


I feel lucky to live in an age where technology allows artists to so easily share their passion.  The World Wide Web is a virtual museum of wonder, if you know where to look and are open to what it has to offer. I am not only addicted to creating, but also to finding the artistic creativity of others… photographers, artists, craftsmen, songwriters, visionaries… those that bring their newness to the world in a form that has the ability to cause an emotional response in another.  This is why I also feel lucky to work with artists and photographers as the owner of a canvas and fine photo printing company.


In 2005, I began creating abstract musical art using photo rendering software coupled with my own pictures and, before I knew it, I was creating digital art several hours a day.  As my gallery grew, I realized that if I was to ever fully realize what I envisioned, I needed to have my art rendered on canvas and gallery-wrapped.  Not willing to put my artistic vision in the hands of another, I soon acquired my first professional, large-format, fine art printer.  Within three months, I had created over fifty pieces of canvas, gallery-wrapped art and I was hooked.  The learning curve was short, as I dove into educating myself on the ways to create the longest-lasting, highest quality canvas gallery-wraps possible and soon realized that I was making a product far superior to that of the large companies that strive for large volume business over creating a high-quality piece of art.


I bring this passion for quality to everything that I create, and it extends to the art that I create for other professionals, as well.  Thanks to technology, photographers who utilize my fulfillment services have the ability to edit their work seeing precisely what the output on my printer will produce.  And what happens if I upload their work to print on canvas and I question that the editing is exactly what they want?  I verify their wishes by sending a proof prior to printing.  Once in production, the print is created on Epson Premium Satin Canvas using Epson’s Premium 100 year Archival Ultra-Chrome Inks. Used in conjunction with Epson canvas, the life expectancy of my canvas prints is well beyond 100 years.  The print is then triple-coated for added UV and water resistance with ECO Print Shield, the only protective coating that has been certified by the Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute and is also recommended by Epson. (Please note that 99% of online canvas printing companies do not offer this, meaning their products will only keep their color for a fraction of the time and are not water or humidity proof.)  After the print cures for a total of 48 hours, it is then “wrapped” on a .75”, 1.5-inch or 2.5-inch thick stretcher frame, hanging hardware is attached and the vision of the photographer is complete.  


And what is my favorite part of the process?  I get to be the first one to see it… as I create it.  This is why I do what I do.  This is why I get out of bed in the morning.  I’m lucky to work with some amazing artists and I hope that, through the partnership of their artistic vision and my passion to recreate it for them, you as the customer are the recipient of something extraordinary.  Everyday, I can’t wait to see the next piece of art that I get to work with… maybe it’s a picture of or for you?  If it is, I’m even that much more excited to create something that can be treasured by you and your family for generations.  Why?  It’s what I do.  I can’t help it.  






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